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Substrat dla wnętrz zieleni

For self-watering pots

The substrate is designed for interior plants and is also suitable for hydroponic growing.
The special mixture consists of pumice, expanded clay minerals and zeolite.
The pH value is determined by the natural ingredients and is not adjusted in any way.

Unlike organic substrates (based on peat, compost, wood fibre, etc.), this purely mineral substrate does not tend to be colonised by fungi. It also does not provide conditions for the reproduction of soil gnats and is therefore highly recommended for use in all types of interiors, reception areas, halls, and offices.

Substrate for interior plants Premium

Combustible matter max. 13.0 %
pH 5.5 7.5 (aqueous leachate)
pH 5.0 7.5 (CaCl2 leachate)
particles over 20 mm max. 5.0 %
electrical conductivity max. 0.5 mS/cm-1