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Garden Boom Once a Year

The most long-lasting fertilizer in the Garden Boom product line using POLYON technology gives the option of being applied just once a year to give nutrients to the lawn for the whole vegetation period. It’s suitable to apply it in spring. The fertiliser efficiency ranges from 6 to 9 months.
Composition: NPK 25-05-08 + 3MgO
Bag size: 15 kg
Application rate: 60 – 80 g/m²
Granule size: 2 - 3 mm
Application: from April to June
Quantity: 15 kg = 180 – 250 m² of the lawn

Garden Boom Spring

The spring fertilizer with XCU technology starts up the lawn in spring months. The optimally-selected ratios of its nutrients support fast growth and development of the lawn. The fertilizer can be used also over the whole year to support its more intensive growth. The fertilizer can be applied from April to September, being active for 2 - 3 months.
Composition: NPK 24-05-11 + 3MgO
Bag size: 15 kg
Application rate: 30 – 40 g/m²
Granule size: 2 - 3 mm
Application: from April to September
Quantity: 15 kg = 375 - 500 m² of the lawn

Garden Boom Summer

The summer fertilizer using XCU technology which has an equilibrated ratio of nitrogen and potassium for the lawn to optimally intake nutrients over summer months when the lawn is exposed to high temperatures. Its gradual controlled release helps the lawn be strong and healthy. The fertilizer’s efficiency lasts for 2 - 3 months.
Composition: NPK 20-00-20 + 2MgO
Bag size: 15 kg
Application rate: 30 – 40 g/m²
Granule size: 2 - 3 mm
Application: from June to August
Quantity: 15 kg = 375 - 500 m² of the lawn

Garden Boom Autumn

The fertilizer, using XCU technology, is primarily designated for autumn months. The selected ratio of its nutrients will help the lawn get ready for the winter season to increase its resist to winter stress conditions. Applying the fertilizer influences the spring colour of the lawn to also faster involving the vegetation root system combined with using the spring fertilizer. The fertilizer’s efficiency lasts for 2 – 3 months. A high ratio of potassium can be used for additionally fertilizing the lawn in the summer season when there are high temperatures.
Composition: NPK 14-00-28 + 3MgO
Bag size: 15 kg
Application rate: 30 – 40 g/m²
Granule size: 2 - 3 mm
Application: From August to October
Quantity: 15 kg = 375 - 500 m² of the lawn

Garden Boom Pre-seed

The fertilizer is designated for establishing new lawns, regenerating older lawns and it is also suitable before installation of turf. The controlled-release of nutrients is provided using XCU technology with the adapted ratio of nutrients to support the root system growth and increase the regeneration of the lawn. The fertilizer’s efficiency lasts for 2 - 3 months.
Composition: NPK 15-20-10 + 3MgO
Bag size: 15 kg
Application rate: 25 – 30 g/m²
Granule size: 2 - 3 mm
Application: from April to September
Quantity: 15 kg = 500 - 600 m² of the lawn

Garden Boom Fertilizers

Comparing the lawn growth if using fast-dissoluble fertilizers and long-term fertilizers

XCU Technology

The technology comprises the use of packed controlled-release fertilisers allowing for gently-release of nutrients. The technology is unique because of using inside polymer jacket protecting the urea granule. The outside layer of the granule is encased with a thin layer of sulphur and that everything is covered by a wax layer with XCU green pigment.

This structure of the jacket makes a consistent and more durable granule whose stronghold is important both when being made and when applied. In fact, its stronger jacket guarantees slower release of the nutrients for even 10 weeks. The activation and progressively releasing nutrients come up according to humidity and temperature.

POLYON Technology

The technology of coated fertilisers provides for long-standing release of nutrients for several months. The technology uses the outside polymer jacket combined with green pigment protecting the urea granule.
Once again, the jacket is activated by soil humidity, but further nutrient are released due to temperature without being influenced by humidity.

Properties of the Nutrients

Nitrogen - N
Nitrogen is a nutrient important to generally support the lawn growth. The supply of this nutrient is important for the lawn from the beginning of vegetation till the beginning of autumn. The application of a fertiliser having a higher nitrogen rate should be limited in the autumn period. Alternative fertilizers should be used for this period with reduced nitrogen levels.
Phosphorus - P
Phosphorus supports the growth and development of the grass-root system. Choosing a product with high phosphorus is important for the germination of newly sown seeds or the regenerating of lawns.
Potassium - K
Regularly supplying potassium gives a high resistance and tolerance of the lawn to stress conditions, e.g. high temperatures in summer. A higher potassium rate is very important also when preparing the lawn for winter, as it helps strengthen the cells of the plant. Pottasium is also important in root development.

Magnesium - MgO
It favourably influences the lawn colour and thus its aesthetical appearance and integrity.

What shall I know before starting using fertilizers…

Fertilizer class
The fertilizer application differs according to the seasons of the year – spring, summer, autumn fertilizers.

Fertilizer type
Long-lasting fertilizer is a good choice to have a top lawn.

Dosing fertilizer
Each fertilizer has got its pre-defined dose.

Granule sizer
The optimum granule-size is 1 - 4 mm.

Application period
The application time is ideally in the morning or evening hours because of the lawn temperature.

Soil conditions
Clayish soils have got other properties than sandy soils as for their permeability.

State of the lawn
A damaged lawn requires another nutrient ratio, generally changing the nitrogen and phosphorus ratio.

Number of applications
3 - 4 applications a year are enough when using long-lasting fertilizer.

Correct application
Your correct movement in the plot of land is important to minimise overdose.

Using a fertilizing plan
It’s a good advisor for whole-year maintenance.
Long-lasting fertilizer is a good choice to have a top lawn.