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Fertilizer for flowers, shrubs and trees

Garden Ornamentals  

Garden Ornamentals fertilizer is intended for fertilizing and planting flower beds, roses, flowering shrubs and trees in ornamentals garden, parks, squares, streets, etc. Fertilizer provides balanced nutrition and equal nutrients during the growing season.
Composition NPK: 15-07-20 + 3MgO
- Bag size: 15 kg
Application rate: 50 – 70 g/m²
Granule size: 2 - 3 mm

applies only 1x per year
supports rich flowering of plants
contains 80 % coated nitrogen with controlled gradual release — fertilizer with controlled release of nutrients (CRF = Controlled Release Fertilizer)
compound fertilizer, some of the nutrients are immediately accessible, but the nitrogen is released gradually
in addition to basic nutrients NPK contains also magnesium
exposure time: 5 – 6 months
fertilizer granulation 2 – 3 mm improves equal distribution of fertilizer when applied
Scope and Application:
fertilizer is used in early spring; evenly scatter the granules on the beds before planting flowers, or on the soil around plants

Green Roof Fertilizer

The fertilizer intended for fertilizing roof gardens. The control release of long-acting nitrogen ensures a balanced nutrition throughout the growing season
The fertilizer is applied only once a year, usually at the beginning of vegetation period (early spring). Fine granulation, together with a low concentration of nutrients, ensures an even and balanced distribution of nutrition.
NPK Composition: 10-08-08 + 2MgO
Packaging: 15 kg
Dosage: 50 - 140 g/m²
Action: 10 - 12 months
Fertilizer granulation: 2 – 3 mm 
Application: March-April

  Benefits of Garden Boom Green Roof:
applied only once a year
supports faster involvement of vegetation after planting
increases the resistance of plants to the different climatic conditions
mixed fertilizer, some of the nutrients are immediately available, but nitrogen is released gradually contains magnesium
fine granules
Controlled release nitrogen: 75 % Polyon